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Brandon Gilbert was a former 9-5 worker who was tired of being told what to do by others. He had been working for 16 years as a Diesel mechanic for the railroad and was just tired of doing the same thing every day with no true joy or passion. One day, he stumbled upon a post about Forex on Instagram and was completely mind blown at the success others had with it. From that moment forward his life forever changed.

Since then, Brandon has devoted his life to mastering Forex. He is particularly skilled in Trend Forecasting Fundamental Analyisis and Technical Analysis in the Foreign Exchange Market. For the last 5 years Brandon has shown his consistency and commitment to the community of traders on and off social media.

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39000 pips caught in 2020

Imperial Academy® is an online educational service for the currency market. From beginner to advanced trader we offer different packages to enhance your skill and knowledge in the forex industry. Our services offer you the opportunity to become a fully independent trader with a proven successful approach and strategic outlook.
We offer full mentorship along with access to our premium channel on discord with 200+ members trading community.
Imperial Academy® services also offer real-time updates directly to your mobile device or computer as we indulge in chart analysis, technical analysis and view real time trader alerts.

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